What living in a ‘small dark room’ made me.

Besides the fact that’s what I can afford on my own, I must say, there is something powerful about a single solitude life.

First of all, I’m 25 years, a work — student and a highly ambitious young man. Now have you ever done something weird; a painful, dangerous, difficult, risky or utterly useless thing and still felt like “damn that was good?”

I have gone from giving bath to copses, eating 30 grams of raw chili pepper every day, paying for ads on Facebook having only 1 Facebook friend, to not sleeping for 48 hours and finally collapsing in the middle of street. Yes, you read right. These are some of the daring activities I have being doing for 2 years before realizing that I’m either going mad or society is.

This realization came about after passing out on the street for 16 good hours and woke up to find myself at the same spot. In a small quiet street in Leuven-Belgium, I woke up having had the strangest dream of my life. It was basically a collection of all the worst moments in my life since my first year in high school till my sleep starvation and pass out.

So I woke up and this strangely good emotion felt my heart like never before. At that moment I knew that I’M A BILLIONAIRE AND KNEW WHAT TO DO TO ACTUALLY BE ONE.

I am a Ghanaian, and an introvert. I loved to talk to my friends, but they would rather have me shut up because I talked too much. So I became more quiet and indifferent. For both behaviours, my friends still disliked me, teased and mocked me the most. For these reasons, I become an extremely self-dependent person by the age of 14.

Labour jobs, the common type of job foreign (non EEA) students gain and do in Belgium is what I do to survive. So I work hard (20 hours/ week), while I take my university courses and Dutch language course at night. For 6 years, I have seen employers and staff members look down upon me as a cleaner, even insult me in Dutch just for the kind of work I do, but I do what I have to do.

However, it all changes now.

I have woken up to realise that, I can do an exceptional job as a marketing student, weaponize with web programming skills. My difficult life has enriched me with intense concentration, survival instinct and the sheer willingness to improve myself every day.

Today, whether any one likes it or not, I AM A WEB PROGRAMMER AND AN SEO EXPERT. That’s my journey to becoming a billionaire in my very determinable future.

By Charles Solomon

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